Karen Chandler recently resigned for the PCHOA Board of Directors after ten years of service to our community. Thank you very much, Karen for all you have done!


Nominations and elections for Board positions will be coming up this fall, we strongly urge homeowners to consider running for positions on the Board and/or the Architectural and Environmental Control Committee (AECC). We need your help in making our community a pleasant and safe place to live. These positions only require a few hours per month. Please participate and have a say in how your homeowner’s dues are spent and what your community looks like!



First the bad news, the Social Committee did not get any new volunteers to assist with the picnic. Consequently, your Board of Directors decided to cancel this year’s picnic but will hold the annual community yard sale – to be held September 17, 2005. More news on the yard sale to follow.


Now the good news, the funds not spent on the picnic will be used to offset rate increases in next year’s homeowner’s dues. It is the Board’s goal not to have a rate increase next year.



You may have noticed that speed limit signs have gone up throughout the neighborhood. This was done in response to homeowners’ requests directly to the County to assist with what has become a problem in our neighborhood.


Even though our community is aging and many of the original kids are in college and or graduated, we still have many youngsters in the community. We implore all in our community to watch their speed! Accidents involving pedestrians are up throughout the region. Let’s work to keep our neighborhood safe.



There has been an increase of dumping old furniture and yard waste in the common areas. The cost of cleaning this up is borne by the community. Please remember, part of your dues pay for trash removal and each home may call our trash hauler twice per year to remove large items including furniture. Potomac Disposal’s phone number is 301 294-9700.

Also note that the County has a “curbside scrap metal collections” program, which is free, and collections are made on our regular recycling day. However, pickups must be arranged in advance of your recycling day.

Request a pickup at http://www.montgomerycountymd.gov/content/dpwt/SolidWaste/mail/pickup_request_intro.asp or at the Customer Service Line at 240-777-6410 no later then 9:30 a.m. on the business day before your collection day to schedule a pick up. Then, simply have your metal items at the curb by 7:00 AM on your recycling day; do not put your scrap metal items in your blue bin. Items accepted for collection include: large household appliances, bicycles, cabinets, doors, grills, iron furniture, and railings, metal sheds (disassembled), shower stalls, aluminum lawn chairs, swing sets (disassembled and without concrete on legs).


 No, the directory has not been forgotten. The directory’s editor, Susan Potts, took some time off to have a baby and is now trying to get her life into a “routine”. Susan, to you we say, “Congratulations, and good luck in getting your life into a routine.”  Susan is still accepting names and numbers of frequently used phone numbers that are not easily found for inclusion in the directory which will also contain all the homeowners in the Potomac Crossing neighborhood, you can email your suggestions to susan@pottsfamily.us or drop them off at 14054 Saddle River Drive.



The AECC did its spring walkthrough of the community. The notices are late in going out to homeowners. If you receive a notice and the matter has been corrected, please forgive the notice and inform Vanguard that it was already corrected.


Also during the walkthrough it was noted that concrete has shifted on sidewalks creating the possibility of people tripping. The county was informed of this and of tree stumps on public areas requiring removal.


Remember, prior to making any changes to the exterior of your home, submit a Request for Change form to the AECC through Vanguard Management. Forms are available from Vanguard Management, Box 39, Germantown, MD 20875-0039 or 301 540-8600.


Some common issues remain:

Mold or mildew on siding

Overgrown landscaping

Lawns in need of edging

Trees blocking streetlights or hanging over sidewalks

Fading shutters and trim-work

Garage doors in disrepair or in need of replacement

Sandbags on the base of basketball hoops (fill the base with sand or water)

Recycle bins and trashcans in view of the street


In particular the new big blue recycle bins. If you find that you do not have space to properly store this new bin, please consider returning it to the county. You can contact the county to pick up the bins at their Customer Service Line at 240-777-6400.


We have noticed that these bins have made paper recycling easier.


We have a beautiful community and the neater we keep it, the greater our property values.