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(Architectural Change Process Page)


Submission of Architectual Change Applications (AECC):

Please be aware that ALL Architectural Change applications for exterior changes are to be submitted to our Management Company to the following address:

Ms. Jane Coady
Vanguard Management Associates, Inc.
P.O. Box 39
Germantown, Maryland 20875-0039

DO NOT SUBMIT YOUR APPLICATION TO INDIVIDUAL MEMBERS OF THE AECC COMMITTEE OR BOARD OF DIRECTORS as ALL applications need to be logged in by the Management company. You must use the Potomac Crossing HOA AECC Application form listed on below Architectural Change (AECC) Process (AECC Application). An original and two (2) copies (including all supporting documentation and samples) is required. Your application should also include signatures of all adjoining/adjacent neighbors to your property. This does not mean that you need your neighbors' approval for your proposed architectural change. It simply means that they have been notified and informed of your proposed changes. Should they have any concerns, they may address them directly to Management Company to be considered during the approval process.

ALL questions or concerns must be to the Management Company at: jcoady@vanguardmgt.com

DISCLAIMER: The documents accessible through this page are provided solely as a convenience to the visitors to this site and are considered "unofficial" and not guaranteed to be true and correct for purposes of meeting any disclosure requirements of state or local laws nor for the purposes of accommodating the demands of lender requirements. Official copies may be obtained through www.HomeWiseDocs.com.


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